Asia: Steel pickled hot rolled coil Asia 2018 worldsteel. 1kg, typical thickness between 2 - 7 mm. typical width between 600 - 2100 mm

RAS - Region Asia and the Pacific
Reference year: 2018 - 2023

Pickled hot rolled coil. Hot rolled steel from which the iron oxides present at the surface have been removed in a pickling process. It can be found on the market in coil or in sheets and is further processed into finished products by the manufacturers.
The various types of pickled hot rolled steel have applications in virtually all sectors of industry: transport, construction, shipbuilding, gas containers, pressure vessels, energy pipelines, etc.


This dataset includes raw material extraction (e.g. coal, iron, ore, etc.) and processing, e.g. scrap, coke making, sinter, blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace, electric arc furnace, hot strip mill, cold rolling mill. Details on the steel product manufacturing route can be found in Appendix 1 of the 2017 worldsteel LCA Methodology Report. The steelmaking processes are shown in the flow diagram. Inputs included in the Life Cycle Inventory relate to all raw material inputs, including steel scrap, energy, water, and transport. Outputs include steel and other co-products, emissions to air, water and land. Further information is given in the 2017 worldsteel LCA Methodology Report. External scrap input includes approx. 2% scrap from manufacturing/fabrication processing. This LCI does not include a credit for recycling of steel at end of life and a burden for steel scrap input during production. This is the preferred approach adopted by worldsteel, detailed in the 2017 methodology report (Appendix 2).

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