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The most important method for the manufacture of pyridine is the Chichibabin pyridine synthesis.
Pyridine (C5H5N; CAS 110-86-1, arabenzene, azine) is a colourless liquid. It is miscible in all proportions with water and most common organic solvents and has a boiling point 35 °C higher than benzene.Acetaldehyde and formaldehyde react with ammonia to give mainly pyridine: they appear to first form acrolein, and then acrolein and formaldehyde react with ammonia to give pyridine. Simultaneously, 2-, 3-, and 4-methylpyridines are formed, This method is one of the most widely used for pyridine production.
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Undefined unit processes (UPRs) are the unlinked, multi-product activity datasets that form the basis for all of the system models available in the ecoinvent database. This is the way the datasets are obtained and entered into the database by the data providers. These activity datasets are useful for investigating the environmental impacts of a specific activity (gate-to-gate), without regard to its upstream or downstream impacts.


Chichibabin synthesis of oyridine

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