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ISIC4 categories:
C:Manufacturing/30:Manufacture of other transport equipment/309:Manufacture of transport equipment n.e.c./3091:Manufacture of motorcycles
GLO - Global
Reference year: 2000 - 2009

Location: GLO - Global
The dataset reflects a scooter running 60-70 km/h at max. speed. Manufacturing in Asia. It describes the body of an electric vehicle, without electric drivetrain and without battery. The dataset has been created by taking the dataset made by Leuenberger for ecoinvent v2.2 and removing the battery and electric motor. These will be described in other datasets in order to have overall a modular structure. Hence, the remaining material quantities, comments and uncertainties all originate from the dataset described in "Life Cycle Assessment of two wheel vehicles" (Leuenberger, 2010).
[The full documentation of this dataset was originally provided in the corresponding ecoinvent report from the Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories, which is accessible for free to guests and users of ecoinvent version 2 ( The dataset may subsequently have been subjected to central changes to the database, as described in the respective change report for each new release.]
Undefined unit processes (UPRs) are the unlinked, multi-product activity datasets that form the basis for all of the system models available in the ecoinvent database. This is the way the datasets are obtained and entered into the database by the data providers. These activity datasets are useful for investigating the environmental impacts of a specific activity (gate-to-gate), without regard to its upstream or downstream impacts.


Automised production of small e-scooters.

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ecoinvent 3.6
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