Large-scale pig production ; 1W HP pig farm

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Reference year: 2012 -

An important feature of the difference between large-scale intensive pig farming and traditional pig farming is that the production process realizes the flow type of balanced production, and the product mass and standardization. Due to different pig house types, different management measures, different feed sources and formulation technologies, and different methods of manure treatment, the environmental impact caused by the whole and key nodes of the pig production system of different scales has not been accurately understood. This chapter has systematically studied the pig production system model established in Chapter 2. Users of this data set should consider the methodological advice for different scales of pig production systems when analyzing the environmental impacts. Care must be taken to ensure that factors such as different pig house types, management measures, and manure treatment methods are accurately accounted for in modeling. Environmental impact assessments should be based on the gas production coefficients provided for different stages of pig production. For comparative purposes, adjust coefficients to a standard functional unit weight of 100kg when the field weight is inconsistent. This data should be used in conjunction with established models for pig production systems and the findings should contribute to strategic decision-making for environmental improvements and optimization.


The research object of commercial pig LCA established in this paper is commercial pig product system, so the objectives of commercial pig LCA should include the following aspects: 1) According to the production process of commercial pig, clarify the environmental impact types of key links or processes in the production process of commercial pig; 2) According to the characteristics of different production systems of commercial pigs, clarify the environmental impact scores of different production systems, and evaluate the environmental friendliness of different product systems through impact scores; 3) According to the environmental impact assessment results of the live pig production system, the improvement or optimization ways and suggestions are proposed.

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