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The boundary of the system is concentrated in the whole process of open field vegetable production (from sowing to harvesting), which is divided into agricultural phase and agricultural phase. The agricultural phase focuses on greenhouse gas emissions from the production and transportation of fertilizers (fertilizers and organic fertilizers), pesticides and agricultural film. The agricultural stage mainly focuses on the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the application process of fertilizer and pesticide, the diesel consumption and artificial energy consumption in the process of agricultural operation (tillage, irrigation, etc.), and the fixation of soil organic carbon caused by the net primary productivity of vegetables and the input of organic fertilizer [16]. Select unit area (per hm2) for this system evaluation unit. When using this data set, ensure a clear understanding of regional differences in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within China, as variability across provinces can significantly impact results. Additionally, consider the specific characteristics of each vegetable type and local farming practices. GHG emissions from production and transportation of agricultural inputs, as well as their application and related farming operations, are critical factors to be accounted for. Exclusion of data from Taiwan, China requires additional consideration, and users should adjust analyses accordingly if regional comparability is desired. Carbon sequestration elements, such as net primary productivity and organic carbon fixation in soil, should also be integrated into the overall LCA framework.


Based on national agricultural statistical data, using the life cycle assessment (LCA) method, the net greenhouse gas emissions (NGHGE) of four typical field vegetable productions in China, including open-field tomatoes, cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, and radishes, were quantified. The study compared the differences in net greenhouse gas emissions among vegetable types and provinces, and analyzed emission reduction measures.

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