receiver system construction, solar tower power plant, 20 MW, UPR, ecoinvent 3.6, Undefined

42:Civil engineering/422:Construction of utility projects/4220:Construction of utility projects/4220a: Construction of utility projects for electricity production, except for liquid fuels
ZA - South Africa
Reference year: 2010 - 2020

Location: ZA - South Africa
The activity represents the construction of the receiver tower for a concentrated solar tower plant in Upington, South Africa. The sunlight transferred from the heliostats strikes the top of the tower. It is here that temperatures rises up close to 1000°C. The present modelling of the receiver system includes pumps, which promote the cold salt melt to the receiver. The receiver component itself consists largely of a nickel-chromium alloy in order to be able to withstand the high temperatures during operation.
This dataset is entirely based on the detailed life cycle inventory as presented in the dissertation report by
Telsnig, Thomas. 2015. Standortabhängige Analyse und Bewertung solarthermischer Kraftwerke am Beispiel Südafrikas. Forschungsbericht. Band 123. ISSN 0938-1228. Institut für Energiewirtschaft und Rationelle Energieanwendung, Universität Stuttgart, Germany.
Undefined unit processes (UPRs) are the unlinked, multi-product activity datasets that form the basis for all of the system models available in the ecoinvent database. This is the way the datasets are obtained and entered into the database by the data providers. These activity datasets are useful for investigating the environmental impacts of a specific activity (gate-to-gate), without regard to its upstream or downstream impacts.


Cold Salt Pump (Extended shaft turbine, 4 stage, 6,000gpm, 1584 lb/sec, 1260 ft total developed head, 4500bhp motor variable speed drive

Heat Transport Fluid Pumps-Horizontal, multi-stage 17000 gpm, 715 ft tdh, 3500 bhp electric motor, Variable speed drive, CS impeller and bowl

Nitrate Salt Reciever: 910 MWt, external Cylinder, nickel alloy steel tubes and headers, 20m dia x 25m absorber height, 2 flow circuits, 12 passes per circuit, includes inlet and outlet vessels, piping, valves, insulation, heat tracing, installation and checkout

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