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RER - Europe
Reference year: 1997 - 2000

Location: RER - Europe
This dataset represents the production of 1 kg of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) from chlorine emissions captured in a 50% sodium hydroxide solution. Sodium hypochlorite is an inorganic compound which takes the form of a pale yellow-greenish liquid with a chlorine odor. It is used primarily for household sanitizing and bleaching solutions as well as for water treatment (pools).
The inventory is based on literature data and estimations.
Althaus H.-J., Chudacoff M., Hischier R., Jungbluth N., Osses M. and Primas A. (2007) Life Cycle Inventories of Chemicals. Final report ecoinvent data v2.0 No. 8. Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories, Dübendorf, CH.
Undefined unit processes (UPRs) are the unlinked, multi-product activity datasets that form the basis for all of the system models available in the ecoinvent database. This is the way the datasets are obtained and entered into the database by the data providers. These activity datasets are useful for investigating the environmental impacts of a specific activity (gate-to-gate), without regard to its upstream or downstream impacts.


NaOCl is prepared by reacting a dilute caustic soda solution with liquid or gaseous chlorine. The reaction mixture is cooled, as the reaction is exothermic. The reaction is the following:
Cl2 + 2 NaOH -> NaOCl + NaCl + H2O
The resulting solution is stabilized by adjusting the pH-value. The yield is nearly 100% of the theoretical value based on chlorine, according to industry sources.

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