Sorghum, grain, conventional, national average, animal feed, at farm gate/US U

US - United States
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This dataset is part of the Agribalyse v3.0 database, which is currently available in SimaPro and openLCA native formats.

[This dataset was already contained in the AGRIBALYSE 1.3 database. It was not individually updated during the transfer to AGRIBALYSE 2.0. Therefore, the method and models used can differ from other AGRIBALYSE 2.0 productions. Life Cycle Impact Assessment results may still have changed, as they are affected by changes in the supply chain, i.e. in other datasets. This dataset was generated following the AGRIBALYSE 1.3 quality guidelines. It may have been subject to central changes described in the AGRIBALYSE change report.]

Remark: Status of LCI: AGRIBALYSE V1.4 (Unpublished) February 2019 - supporting LCI (based on the project ECOALIM).
This dataset represents the cultivation process of sorghum in the USA. The functionnal unit is 3890kg of sorghum (1ha).
Category : Agricultural production : plant production
Product name : sorghum, from USA
Traduction : Sorgho (grain), cultivé aux Etats-Unis
Type of data : LCI
Data status : -
Location : US
Technology : conventional and average crop sequence.
Yield : Average 2008-2012 : 3.89t/ha (1).
Included processes : plant material, fertilizer N P K, Pesticides, irrigation, agricultural operations, electricity (hypothesis : medium voltage).
Sources :
Irrigation : (2), Fertilizers : (3), pesticides : (3), Sowing : (2), agricultural operations : same as french culture, with '' RoW '' processus (same consumption of diesel). Crop residues : (2).
Dry matter content : 85% (AgriBalyse)
Collection data period : 2008-2012.
Emission models from AgriBalyse.
According to Direct Land Use Assessment Tool V2014.1 (Blonk Consultants), no land transformation and there is not emissions of CO2 due to land transformation.
Status: Finished
Boundary with nature: Unspecified
Record: Morgane Magnin; Company: INRA UMR SAS; Country: FR

Generator: Morgane Magnin; Company: INRA UMR SAS; Country: FR

Process type
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ecoinvent 3.5
LCI modeling approach
Multifunctional modeling
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OpenLicence, free access: Users can use, modify and share the data as long as they properly mention the initial data source. Referencing required: “AGRIBALYSE v3.0 - ADEME 2020“