Substation Construction and Operation ; voltage level 110/10kV, planning capacity of 3 × 50MVA substation ; full indoor arrangement mode

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Reference year: 2021 - 2071

The literature adopts the method of life cycle calculation of carbon footprint, specifies the carbon emission sources in the four stages of the life cycle of this 110kV substation scheme: the preparation stage, the construction stage, the operation stage and the end-of-life stage, determines the carbon emission factors and engineering data, and calculates the carbon footprints of each stage. Users of this LCA data set should ensure they apply it specifically to the construction and operation of indoor medium to high voltage substations, especially those employing environmentally friendly technologies such as non-SF6 GIS. Care should be taken when extrapolating this data to ensure regional specificities, such as local carbon emission factors and technological applicability, are properly accounted for. For construction phase modeling, aspects like the planned number of transformers, busbar configuration, type of switchgear, and inclusion of shunt capacitors and reactors should be reflected. The service life assumed should be verified for alignment with the 50-year validity period used in this data set. During operation phase assessment, consideration of the environmentally friendly products and absence of SF6 equipment alongside operational inputs/outputs should be included. Users must obtain more recent and location-specific emission factors as part of their LCA study.


Construction phase: 2×50 MVA transformers will be built in this phase. 110 kV outgoing line 4 times in this phase (including two backup), vision 4 times; this phase adopts single bus sectional wiring, vision wiring type unchanged; fluorine-free environmentally friendly GIS. 10 kV outgoing line 24 times in this phase, adopts single bus three-section wiring; vision 36 times, adopts single bus four-section wiring; adopts the center cabinet, with a vacuum circuit breaker. Each of the two main transformers in this phase is equipped with one set of 4 Mvar shunt capacitor and one set of 6 Mvar shunt reactor. There is a steel structure power distribution building, which is partially one floor underground and partially two floors. According to the planning requirements, the enclosure wall is not set up as a solid enclosure wall, and green plants are used to isolate the site, and the site is laid with lawn. Operation stage: environmentally friendly new products are adopted, no SF6 electrical equipment is used in the station, green plants are used to isolate the station, and lawn is laid on the site.

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