treatment of residue from mechanical treatment, cathode ray tube display, municipal waste incineration, UPR, ecoinvent 3.6, Allocation, cut-off

38:Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities; materials recovery/382:Waste treatment and disposal/3821:Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste
RoW - Rest of World
Reference year: 2006 - 2019

Reference product: electricity, for reuse in municipal waste incineration only [kWh]
Location: RoW - Rest-of-World
This dataset represents the activity of waste disposal of residue from mechanical treatment, cathode ray tube display in a municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) // Recommended use of this dataset: Only for incineration of shredder residues generated in the recycling (mechanical treatment) of CRT screens (Cathode Ray Tube residue) // Inventoried waste contains 1.84% rubber; 45.2% Plastics from electronic consumer goods; 45.2% Plastics from electronic industrial goods; 2.32% MSWI iron scrap; 2.19% Alu in MSW; 1.39% Glass; 1.86% wiring copper; 0.0715% Pb in ASR inert; 0.0149% silver; . // Waste composition (wet, in ppm): upper heating value 33.29 MJ/kg; lower heating value 31.91 MJ/kg; H2O 8559.9; O 56016; H 68796; C 751310; S 401.89; N 12011; P 470.09; B n.a.; Cl 6229.2; Br 4967.1; F 225.78; I n.a.; Ag 148.56; As 6.7733; Ba 159.85; Cd 136.2; Co 26.621; Cr 79.422; Cu 21842; Hg 0.76766; Mn 61.83; Mo 2.7093; Ni 476.78; Pb 858.09; Sb 4335.5; Se 1.7697; Sn 198.85; V 6.4689; Zn 698.08; Be 0.42136; Sc n.a.; Sr 74.58; Ti 4043.2; Tl 0.33709; W n.a.; Si 8372.8; Fe 20313; Ca 3820; Al 24220; K 105.66; Mg n.a.; Na 1019.8; // Share of carbon in waste that is biogenic 0%. // Share of metals in waste not oxidised and bulk-recyclable (exclude very small or thin parts) Iron: 92.98%; Alu: 90.09%; Copper: 85.35%. // One kg of this waste produces 0.1059 kg of slag and 0.02048 kg of residues, which are landfilled. Additional solidification with 0.008194 kg of cement. // Net energy production: 4.09MJ/kg electric energy and 7.95MJ/kg thermal energy. // Recovery of metal scrap to recycling: 10.932g iron scrap, 6.6548g aluminium scrap, 5.6944g copper scrap.
[This dataset has been generated using the system model "Allocation, cut-off by classification". A system model describes how activity datasets are linked to form product systems. The allocation cut-off system model subdivides multi-product activities by allocation, based on a physical properties, economic, mass or other properties. By-products of waste treatment processes are cut-off, as are all by-products classified as recyclable. Markets in this model include all activities in proportion to their current production volume.
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average Swiss MSWI plants in 2010 (grate incinerators) with electrostatic precipitator for fly ash (ESP), wet flue gas scrubber and 25% SNCR , 42.77% SCR-high dust , 32.68% SCR-low dust -DeNOx facilities and 0% without Denox (weighted according to mass of burnt waste, representing Swiss average). Efficiency of iron scrap separation from slag : 58%. Efficiency of non-ferrous scrap separation from slag : 31%. Gross electric efficiency technology mix 15.84% and Gross thermal efficiency technology mix 28.51%

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