water pump operation, diesel, UPR, ecoinvent 3.6, Undefined

ISIC4 categories:
A:Agriculture, forestry and fishing/01:Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities/016:Support activities to agriculture and post-harvest crop activities/0161:Support activities for crop production
CN - China
Reference year: 2014 - 2018

Location: CN - China
This dataset represents the operation of a water pump that is powered by a diesel engine. The reference product is 1 MJ of diesel burned in the engine. Based on a net calorific value of 42.8 MJ/kg, about 0.0234 kg of diesel is burned. The amount of energy that is actually delivered to the water varies depending on the operating conditions and pump characteristics.
The inventory (with the exception of the input of the pump) has been extrapolated from the dataset 'machine operation, diesel, >= 18.64 kW and < 74.57 kW, steady-state, GLO' based on the net calorific value of diesel (42.8 MJ/kg). That dataset 'represents the operation of construction/industrial/light commercial machines' and is based mainly on the U.S. EPA NONROAD2008 model for off-road machines. The nominal power of the water pump is 22 kW, which is within the power category modelled in that dataset. For more details on how each exchange amount was modelled, please refer to the documentation of the original dataset.
Undefined unit processes (UPRs) are the unlinked, multi-product activity datasets that form the basis for all of the system models available in the ecoinvent database. This is the way the datasets are obtained and entered into the database by the data providers. These activity datasets are useful for investigating the environmental impacts of a specific activity (gate-to-gate), without regard to its upstream or downstream impacts.


This dataset is assumed to represent the average current technology for machines included in the power category described in the original dataset.

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